Trip Fundraiser – 4/8/16

Good Afternoon!

*What a fantastic jazz concert last night (Thursday, 4/7!) Both the middle school and high school jazz bands were great to hear, and it’s always fun to play for a packed house. What a fun night!
Someone (we think a high school student) accidentally grabbed Mr. Jarden’s scores, and he needs them for a concert at LCCC Monday night! If you can, please have your student check their music for his scores and shoot me or Mr. J an email to let us know you have them ( or He’s a little worried – THANKS!
Now to the trip fundraiser:

The students received information either yesterday or today, but I just wanted to send some information about the trip fundraiser we started.
We’re selling products from Cherrydale – Spring Mega Catalog and Krista’s Favorites. It’s similar to the ABOB Cheese & Sausage Fundraiser, however the profits from this sale go directly to your student’s trip account!
Sell from now through Monday, April 18. Collect money up front, checks made payable to ABOB. Delivery will be sometime the week of May 17.
Again, this is an optional fundraiser to help offset some of the cost of the Nashville trip in Spring 2017.
Here is the information form – Alton High Marching 100 – Alyssa Cudney. Please let me know if you have any questions.
Thanks! Have a fantastic weekend!