Marching 100 Information – Summer/Fall 2017

Here’s all the information that was distributed at the Marching 100 Kick off meeting on Wednesday, April 12:

  • Alton Handbook 2017 – our handbook for the year, which answers many questions new members may have. Please pay particular attention to the attendance policy!!!
  • MedicalInformationForm2017 – Medical Form for the year. All students must have a new medical form on file for the year. They do need to be notarized. Please have them in by Tuesday, June 6!
  • M100AccessoriesOrder2017 – Shoes/Gloves/Show Shirt order. All new members will need all accessories (percussionists do not wear gloves). Returning members – please take inventory on your shoes/gloves to see if you need new ones (lost/torn up/etc). The accessories order is due Monday, May 22.
    *Parents if you would like a show shirt, please order it on this form as well!*

Here’s a timeline for when things need to be turned in:

  • ASAP – the pages in the back of the handbook (student information form, handbook signature agreement, excused absence form (if applicable).
  • Monday, May 22 – Accessory Order Forms/Payment (checks made payable to ABOB).
  • Tuesday, June 6 – Medical Information Form AND the $50 Band Camp fees (checks made payable to ABOB). You may also make $25 payments if that’s easier.
  • Tuesday, July 11 – Second installment ($25) of Band Camp Fees if making two payments of $25.

Feel free to let me or Mr. James know if you have any questions: and