Button Days – Tomorrow!

Good Evening!

If  you’re signed up to work, please check your email. Just wanted to post here as well!

Just wanted to give a rain plan for tomorrow:

If it is not raining during your shift: Continue as planned! Meet at Alton High a half hour before your shift (first shift meet at 6:30am) in the back by the big K-Line Box. Wear a red Alton/Marching 100 shirt, pick up uniform (if you’re a current high school member), make sure you have a ride to your location. Bring an umbrella just in case!

If it is raining: We are still on! Hopefully the locations will let us stand inside. Please bring umbrellas/rain coats/ponchos – what you can to stay dry. If it starts to thunder/lightning by all means go inside – if we have to stop soliciting while it passes, that’s fine.
We will not wear the new uniforms in the rain. Instead wear Marching 100 gear/Alton gear. That means if you are not the first shift for your location, you can just meet at your spot! First shifts will still need buttons/collection baskets so still plan on meeting at the High School a half hour before.

Clear as mud??? Some general tips: Stay out of the way of shoppers/don’t block doors. Be friendly, but not annoying 🙂

I’ll be around email for another half hour – feel free to shoot me any questions. I’ll also be at the high school at 6:30am if you need anything!