Band Update – 9/9/19


It is supposed to be HOT this week! We must be outside for rehearsals. Please remind your kiddo to bring a change of clothes/hat, sunscreen, and a BOTTLE OF WATER!!! Thanks for the help!

Here’s our week:

  • Monday, 9/9 – M100 Percussion – 3:30-4:45pm
    • M100 Color Guard – 3:30-6pm
  • Tuesday, 9/10 – Full M100 Rehearsal – 3:30-6pm
  • Wednesday, 9/11 – Jazz Band – 3:30-5pm
  • Thursday, 9/12 – Full M100 Rehearsal – 3:30-6pm
  • Friday, 9/13 – Football v. Collinsville – 5:45pm – Public School Stadium (West) We will again wear full uniform, so marching shoes, long black socks, athletic shorts, show shirt!
    • We meet by the trailer at 5:45pm to unload/get dressed.
    • We’ll play pregame at 6:45pm
    • We sit in the stands the 1st Quarter
    • 2nd Quarter we go warm up for halftime
    • Halftime is anywhere between 8-8:15pm (depends on the flow of the game)
    • We return to the stands for the 3rd Quarter
    • 4th Quarter we’ll pack up/be free to go!
    • Kids always ask what time we’ll be done – 8:30-9pm is a rough estimate!
    • We do unload the trailer at AHS after games!

Looking ahead:

  • Monday, 9/16 – M100 Percussion – 3:30-4:45pm
    • M100 Color Guard – 3:30-6pm
  • Tuesday, 9/17 – Full M100 Rehearsal – 3:30-6pm
  • Wednesday, 9/18 – Jazz Band – 3:30-5pm
  • Thursday, 9/19 – Full M100 Rehearsal – 3:30-6pm
  • Friday, 9/20 – ABOB Trivia Night – 7pm, Best Western Premier. More info: ABOB Trivia Night! Student leaders will play at trivia night – I’ll have more info. for them soon!
  • Saturday, 9/21 – Mt. Zion Marching Music Games – Times TBA (Plan all afternoon/evening!)
    • We will need a team of parents to help prepare a sack “Linner” (Lunch/dinner) for the kids. Please let me know if you are available approx. 10:30am-12noon that day to help put food in bags!
  • Monday, 9/23 – M100 Percussion – 3:30-4:45pm
    • M100 Color Guard – 3:30-6pm
  • Tuesday, 9/24 – Full M100 Rehearsal – 3:30-6pm
  • Wednesday, 9/25 – Jazz Band – 3:30-5pm
  • Thursday, 9/26 – Full M100 Rehearsal – 3:30-6pm
  • Friday, 9/27 – Football v. ESL – 5:45pm, Public School Stadium (West)
  • Saturday, 9/28 – Gateway Marching Invitational – Collinsville HS. Times TBA (plan afternoon/evening)

Other reminders:

  • The Medical Information Form is way past due – please get those in! We usually have a notary at rehearsal! All forms are at the bottom of this update.

Marching 100 info:

  • We all ready have a change to the Fall Calendar – Homecoming has been moved, so the first two weeks in October have changed. We do not have a game on 10/4, and we will attend the Washington, MO Band Festival. The Homecoming Game will be on 10/11, and we will not attend the Bi-State Marching Invitational in Potosi, MO. Please toss October from the previous calendar – A new Calendar can be found here: UPDATED M100 2019 Calendar.
  • Here are electronic versions of the other forms:

That’s it! Have a great week!