Band Update – 6/12/17


I’ve got a lot of general information/reminders and some tweaks to this week’s schedule:

  • Please don’t forget about forms!!!
    • The $50 Band Fee can be paid anytime. Please make checks payable to ABOB.
    • Medical Information Form – these need to be notarized and are due before our first parade performance (June 25).
    • Marching 100 Handbook – there is a Handbook Agreement and a Student Information Form at the back of the handbook – please send those in as well.
  • We have our usual Full M100 Rehearsal tomorrow, Tuesday 6/13 – 6-8:30pm at AHS. Please wear tennis shoes/comfortable (athletic clothing) and bring water – we will be outside!*Please remember that in an organization this big, communication is crucial – for the benefit of the group and for student safety. Please shoot us an email if your child will miss a rehearsal – and Thanks!
  • We have a couple of tweaks to the percussion rehearsals this week:
    • M100 Pit – Pit will rehearse from 6-8:30pm Tuesday evening – NO other rehearsals this week.
    • M100 Drumline – will meet as normal on Tuesday (3-5pm/6-8:30pm). Thursday we will meet from 1-2:30pm – we have a clinician coming in!
      Percussion can let Ryan and Ms. Edwards know of any absences: and
  • M100 Color Guard – is back at it this week!
    Tuesdays 5:30 – 8:30pm and Thursdays 5:30-8:30pm. Please let Mike know of any absences:

  • We have a Dine out for ABOB at Riveria Maya this week – Wednesday, 6/14 anytime during business hours (11am-9pm). You do need a flyer to present when you’re there. You can print it out here – Riviera Maya Dine Out. We’ll be handing them out at tomorrow’s rehearsal as well.
  • I’ve attached the itinerary for the Red Bud Parade on Sunday, June 25 so you can start planning. We may tweak the uniform based on heat – we’ll keep you posted. Red Bud Parade Itinerary 2017
  • We have also updated the calendar – 2017 Calendar – May- Oct – with summer percussion & guard dates.  As always, if you need to miss please let us know.
  • Now is the time to start preparing for parades/band camp!  Please encourage your student to give up soda, start drinking lots of water, begin eating healthier (more fruits/veggies/lean protein, less cheetos), and getting outside everyday (wash the car, mow the lawn, walk the dog, play basketball, etc)!!!
    Marching band is a very physical activity and the summer heat doesn’t help. Getting used to moving around and taking better care of themselves will help a ton!!! Thanks for the help & encouragement!

I think that is it! Please let us know if you have any questions.