Band Update – 6/11/18


Parades are quickly approaching! Now is the time to start preparing for parades/band camp!  Please encourage your student to:

  • For Tuesday rehearsals they should wear shorts, tshirts, a ball cap, and bring a water bottle. “low top” tennis shoes – shoes that don’t go up past the ankle, are preferred as well to allow movement. We have lots of kids wearing hoodies/pants – it’s just too hot!!!
  • Give up soda –  start drinking lots of water, particularly on Tuesdays
  • Begin eating healthier (more fruits/veggies/lean protein, less cheetos/cupcakes/junk food).
  • Getting outside everyday (wash the car, mow the lawn, walk the dog, play basketball, etc). Yes, it’s hot! I’m not convinced it’s going to get any cooler this summer.
  • Please also encourage at home practice – we’re shoving a ton into our Tuesday rehearsals to prep for the VP Parade – they can practice marching (listen to the radio and march along, turn on a metronome), and work on memorizing the parade tune. The more time they spend on it at home the easier it will be on Tuesday nights!!! If they have any questions they can contact their student leader, or shoot me an email.

We did have a couple of kiddos drop out/feel ill last week – the more they do at home, the easier it will be!

Here’s what we’ve got this week:

  • Tuesday, June 12 – M100 Drumline to SIUE for clinic – Ms. Edwards has sent out info. to the drumline folks for this one.
    • Full Marching 100 Rehearsal – 6-8:30pm, AHS.
    • For those who participated in the Photography Fundraiser – Our photographers will have your photos ready for pick-up tomorrow night during practice at AHS from 6:00-8:30. Please come to the uniform room to pick up your photos.
    • We are ready to resume Broom & Popsocket check in/out – please stop in to see the band moms in the uniform room during rehearsal on Tuesday evenings. You can also turn in any unsold items/money.
    • Note – there are no color guard rehearsals this week!

Looking ahead:

  • Tuesday, June 19 – M100 Percussion Rehearsal – 3-5pm
    • M100 Color Guard Rehearsal – 5:30-8pm
    • Full Marching 100 Rehearsal – 6-8:30pm, AHS.
  • Wednesday, June 20 – M100 Color Guard Rehearsal – 1-4pm
  • Sunday, June 24 – Red Bud Parade – Red Bud Parade Itinerary
  • Monday, June 25 – ABOB Meeting – 7pm, AHS
  • Tuesday, June 26 – M100 Percussion Rehearsal – 3-5pm
    • Full Marching 100 Rehearsal – 6-8:30pm, AHS.
  • Wednesday, June 27 – M100 Color Guard Rehearsal – 1-4pm

It’s time to start thinking about Band Camp! Here’s what we’ll need:
Fruit – Grapes, pinapple, strawberries, etc. We freeze it and it’s a great break treat!
Animal crackers
Powdered gatorade any flavor
Donations can be dropped off at the uniform room, or if you’d like to shop through Amazon/online you can have them sent to my attention at AHS (Alyssa Overmann 4200 Humbert Road Alton, IL 62002).  Thank you!

Disney Trip Info:

As of 6/2, students should have $825 in their trip accounts. If you need special arrangements/need to make payments later, please be in touch with Music Travel – they’ll work with you, but need communication! Email Ben Hilmer – to make arrangements.

Here’s where we are with fundraisers:

  • Brooms & Popsockets  – We can resume check outs! Please check out brooms and popsockets with the band moms in the uniform room at Tuesday night rehearsals! You may also turn in any money/unsold items then too. Record clearance has been filed for those who still have items out.
  • Cardinals Games:
    The dates we will be working concessions are:
    Friday, June 15 – 7:15pm game  (Cubs Series)
    Saturday, June 16 – TBD game  (Cubs Series)
    Sunday, June 17 – 1:15pm  (Cubs Series)
    Saturday, July 21 – Kenny Chesney Concert
    Friday, July 27 – 7:15pm game  (Cubs Series)
    Saturday, July 28 – 6:15pm game  (Cubs Series)
    Sunday, July 29 – 1:15pm game  (Cubs Series)
    •  We’ll be confirming sign up before each game. Thank you for your flexibility with this one.