Band Update – 6/1/20

Welcome to June!
If you have another email you’d like on this list, or if someone mentions that they didn’t get the email, please just have them touch base with us.

Here’s what we know (or don’t know):

  • We will be having a Dine Out for ABOB at Olga’s on Wednesday, June 17. They donate proceeds from the entire day. We’ll have a flyer soon!
  • We don’t have a start date yet – we’re still waiting to get the okay.
    • In the meantime, keep playing a little bit everyday and start getting outside – take a walk, go for a jog, play ball, wash the car, mow the lawn – the more you move the easier it will be to get started! Oh, and ditch the soda and start drinking water!!!
  • M100 Forms – we know the “due date” passed last week. Unlike most years, we are not in a time crunch to prepare for parades.
    So no hurry! If you’d like to mail them in, feel free to do so (they can still be addressed to me). If you’d like to hang onto them until we get started, that works too. We won’t need to place an order until early August.
    • If you need the link to the forms you can find it here: M100 Forms

Other Marching 100 info:

  • The student leadership interviews are finished up – we are waiting to see if we can finish up drum major auditions in person. Thanks for your patience!
  • M100 Drumline – Ms. Edwards posted the drumline audition info. on the percussion Google Classroom on Monday, 3/23. It includes dates and music to start looking at. *Please know all dates have changed, but we’re going to try to keep everything moving as much as we can. If you’d like help on the packet, just email Ms. Edwards!

That’s it – thank you for your continued patience. Have a great week!