Band Update – 5/30/17


The 2017 Marching 100 season is officially here! Are you ready????

Now is the time to start preparing! Please encourage your student to give up soda, start drinking lots of water, begin eating healthier (more fruits/veggies, less cheetos), and getting outside everyday (wash the car, mow the lawn, walk the dog, play basketball, etc)!!!
Marching band is a very physical activity and the Memorial Day parade is usually a pretty big wake up call. We didn’t have anyone drop out yesterday, but some kids were hurting a bit. Getting used to moving around and taking better care of themselves will help a ton!!! Thanks for the help!

Here’s what we’ve got:

  • Please don’t forget about forms – we need them in ASAP!!!
    • Marching 100 Accessory ordersthese are due!!! I can extend the date to our first 1-2 Camp tonight, Tuesday, May 30. Please send the form and payment with your student so we can place the order to be here before the Red Bud Parade.
    • The $50 Band Fee can be paid anytime. Please make checks payable to ABOB.
    • Medical Information Form – these need to be notarized and are due before our first parade performance (June 25). We will have notaries at 1-2 Camp!!!
    • Marching 100 Handbook – there is a Handbook Agreement and a Student Information Form at the back of the handbook – please send those in as well.
  • Tonight, Tuesday, May 30 –Drumline Auditions – 4-5:30pm – Juniors/Seniors auditioning for drumline may play and then leave – others will stay for 1-2 Camp!
    •  1-2 Camp – 6-8pm, AHS – 1-2 Camp is for all first and second year members of the Marching 100. Student leaders will also need to attend (meet at 5:30pm)!
      Pit is meeting beginning tonight too!
  • Wednesday, May 31 – Drumline Auditions (4-5:30pm)
    •  1-2 Camp – 6-8pm, AHS.
  • We’ll begin our usual Tuesday rehearsals (with everyone!) on Tuesday, June 6, 6-8:30pm at AHS.
  • We have also updated the calendar – 2017 Calendar – May- Oct – with summer percussion & guard dates. Drumline will audition before 1-2 Camp on May 30 & 31, and the Pit will begin rehearsing at 1-2 camp as well. Throughout the summer percussion will rehearse from 3-5 on Tuesdays and from 1-3pm on Thursdays. As always, if you need to miss please let us know. Percussion can let Ryan and Ms. Edwards know: and
    Guard information is on the calendar as well. Please email Mike if you need to miss –
  • I think that is it! Please let us know if you have any questions – it’s a beautiful day to start marching band!!!