Band Update – 5/24/17

Happy summer! Winding down while at the same time gearing up!!!

Here’s what we’ve got:
*those who just finished 8th grade, please ignore the Graduation/Memorial Day parade information… but you’re jumping in with Drumline and 1-2 Camp!!!

  • Today, Wednesday, May 24- Drumline clinic (those interested in auditioning for drumline only) – 6-8pm, AHS Band Room
  • There is some confusion about this Friday, May 26 – AHS Graduation.
    We do have a rehearsal for everyone (all Marching 100 students) from 3:30-4:30pm to get ready for Monday’s parade. However, only 6th hour (Symphonic Band and Wind Symphony) students will need to stay for graduation/bring dress clothes.

    • Here’s the full schedule:
      • 3:30pm – Meet outside for quick Memorial Day parade rehearsal with color guard – wear tennis shoes/comfortable clothes. EVERYONE is in on this rehearsal!!!! After we finish the outdoor rehearsal and load the trailer, concert band (5th hour) students may head home.
      • 4:30pm – run graduation tunes/load the trailer
      • 5:30pm – Eat dinner (provided by ABOB), change clothes – wear nice clothes for graduation – no jeans/tennis shoes!
      • 6:30pm – Enter gym/start playing graduation prelude music
      • 7:00pm – Graduation begins – Pomp & Circumstance
      • 7:30pm – Finish playing – quietly move chairs/stands/equipment back to band room.
  • Monday, May 29 – Alton Memorial Day Parade – Upper Alton – Memorial Day Parade Itinerary 
  • Tuesday, May 30 –Drumline Auditions (4-5:30pm) & 1-2 Camp – 6-8pm, AHS – 1-2 Camp is for all first and second year members of the Marching 100. Student leaders will also need to attend!
  • Wednesday, May 31 – Drumline Auditions (4-5:30pm) & 1-2 Camp – 6-8pm, AHS.
  • We’ll begin our usual Tuesday rehearsals (with everyone!) on Tuesday, June 6, 6-8:30pm at AHS.
  • Please don’t forget about forms – we need them in ASAP!!!
      • Marching 100 Accessory ordersthese are due!!! I can extend the date to our first 1-2 Camp on Tuesday, May 30. Please send the form and payment with your student so we can place the order to be here before the Red Bud Parade.
      • Medical Information Form – these need to be notarized and are due before our first parade performance (June 25). We will have notaries at 1-2 Camp!!!
      • Marching 100 Handbook – there is a Handbook Agreement and a Student Information Form at the back of the handbook – please send those in as well.
      We have also updated the calendar – 2017 Calendar – May- Oct – with summer percussion & guard dates. Drumline will audition before 1-2 Camp on May 30 & 31, and the Pit will begin rehearsing at 1-2 camp as well. Throughout the summer percussion will rehearse from 3-5 on Tuesdays and from 1-3pm on Thursdays. As always, if you need to miss please let us know. Percussion can let Ryan and Ms. Edwards know: and
      Guard information is on the calendar as well. Please email Mike if you need to miss –

I think that is it! Please let us know if you have any questions – we’ll see everyone Friday afternoon!!!