Band Update – 5/4/20

Happy Monday!

We do have a couple of things coming up with the school year finishing:

With the turn in dates coming up for Alton High:
Seniors 5/15
Juniors 5/18
Sophomores 5/19
Freshmen 5/20

We will be at school! We’d love to see familiar faces and we’ll need some things:
. School instrument if you are not continuing with band next year or if you’re a senior
2. Wind Symphony Dresses/Tuxes and any other uniforms you may have
3. Pep Band Binders if you stole it
4. Pit Books for Mrs. Plummer if you were going to play Into the Woods

We also need you to clean out your lockers – ALL Clothes, Shoes, Underwear, Taco Bell, Binders, etc. need to go home for the summer! We’re going to be doing deep cleaning. If it’s still in the band room after the clean out days (5/20) it’s going to be GONE!!!!!

We are working on awards/recognition that would have happened at the April 30 concert – we’ll keep you guys posted. We’re working on a video presentation!


  • We’ve started posting a Google Classroom update for each week – it’s really just a couple of things each week – a weekly practice form, small assignment on Sight Reading Factory, and working on SmartMusic.
  • With the remote learning, we have moved to Sight Reading Factory and SmartMusic. These subscriptions are free through this pandemic, so we really need all students to sign up. Instructions are below:
    • Create a student account on
    • Activate your SmartMusic account by clicking the link that was sent to your email. Didn’t get an email? Contact Ms. Edwards! (a lot of these emails are going to spam).
      • Your class in SmartMusic will be your respective band. You can access play along tracks, warm ups, sight reading, and different pieces of music. As you play along with this website, it will give you real-time feedback on note/rhythmic accuracy. 
      • Your login is your Last name + Band + 2020
      • No one else has the same last name: EdwardsBand2020
      • Same last name: First letter of name +Last name + Band + 2020- AEdwardsBand2020

Marching 100:

  • With the cancellation of in person schooling for the remainder of the year, we don’t know what that means for Marching 100. For right now, all activities are on hold until we are told otherwise. This means no drumline/color guard auditions, no 1-2 camp, nothing. We will get up and running as soon as it is safe to do so!
  • The student leadership applications have been received! We are going to get rolling with video interviews next week. The schedule is posted on Google Classroom!
  • All of the paperwork (calendar, handbook, accessories orders, med form) was emailed out on Wednesday, 4/8. You can find them at this post as well: M100 2020 Kickoff
  • M100 Drumline – Ms. Edwards posted the drumline audition info. on the percussion Google Classroom on Monday, 3/23. It includes dates and music to start looking at. *Please know all dates have changed, but we’re going to try to keep everything moving as much as we can. If you’d like help on the packet, just email Ms. Edwards!

Ms. Edwards and I are available from 8am-12noon each day for students:

  • We are checking email regularly
  • I’ve turned my Google phone number back on – students can call or text if they have questions or need help with anything. They can call or text it at 314-472-5538. It rings to my cell phone!
  • Students can reply to Remind texts

That’s it – have a great week.