Band Update – 5/18/20

Welcome to the first update for the 2020-21 school year! If you have another email you’d like on this list, or if someone mentions that they didn’t get the email, please just have them touch base with us.

We will have a couple of band updates this week: this one about turning stuff in, then we will release the end of year video, and we will get to introduce the new directors!!

  • With the turn in dates this week for Alton High:
    • Juniors 5/18
    • Sophomores 5/19
    • Freshmen 5/20
  • We will be at school! We’d love to see familiar faces and we’ll need some things:
    • 1. School instrument if you are not continuing with band next year or if you’re a senior
    • 2. Wind Symphony Dresses/Tuxes and any other uniforms you may have
    • 3. Pep Band Binders if you stole it
    • 4. Pit Books for Mrs. Plummer if you were going to play Into the Woods
    • 5. AHS Jazz Band Music – Mr. Jarden wants your folders!
  • We also need you to clean out your lockers – ALL Clothes, Shoes, Underwear, Taco Bell, Binders, etc. need to go home for the summer! We’re going to be doing deep cleaning. If it’s still in the band room after the clean out days (5/20) it’s going to be GONE!!!!!
  • Feel free to bring up the M100 forms as well – student information form, accessory orders, etc.
  • We have recorded an awards/recognition “concert” featuring flute soloist Aslyn Keith to celebrate the end of the year – we’ll post it EVERYWHERE once it’s ready!
  • Marching 100 Season Update: We are all antsy to get the season started, but the current decision is just to hold tight. We will get the season moving when we get the ok to do so. As of today, there’s nothing happening at all in May, and we are waiting to see about June.
    • I’ve spoken to Mrs. Baumgartner, Mr. Bellm, and Coach Kusnerick (AHS Athletic Director), and they all know we’re chomping at the bit to get started. Once we get the ok, we’ll let you know!!!
    • Until then, keep playing a little bit everyday and start getting outside – take a walk, go for a jog, play ball, wash the car, mow the lawn – the more you move the easier it will be to get started!
    • Oh, and ditch the soda and start drinking water!!!

Other Marching 100 info:

  • The student leadership interviews are finished up – we are waiting to see if we can finish up drum major auditions in person. Thanks for your patience!
  • All of the paperwork (calendar, handbook, accessories orders, med form) was emailed out on Wednesday, 4/8. You can find them at this post as well: M100 2020 Kickoff – feel free to drop this off during the clean out days this week!
  • M100 Drumline – Ms. Edwards posted the drumline audition info. on the percussion Google Classroom on Monday, 3/23. It includes dates and music to start looking at. *Please know all dates have changed, but we’re going to try to keep everything moving as much as we can. If you’d like help on the packet, just email Ms. Edwards!

That’s it – have a great week!