A FANTASTIC Opportunity to give back this Christmas season…

Hi Band/ABOB folks!

American Airlines flies children and their family members who have lost 1 or more parent(s) in the military, to a huge party in Texas each year. The program, “Snowball Express” will be sending children from all over the country to a party this Saturday, Dec. 12th.

AA is wanting groups from AHS to participate in greeting, cheering, singing, playing drums/instruments, making human tunnels for kids/families to pass through while heading to their gate/plane before they depart, etc.  If you click on this video you will understand what AA is trying to get accomplished.
Students and participants would need to be at Lambert Airport Saturday between 8-9am at the USO in the Main Terminal, it will end by 10:45am. All the kid’s flights will depart at 10:45am. We are working on transportation – we need to see how many folks can participate before we know what our options are there. If you’re willing to participate as well (form human tunnels, cheer the kids on, etc.) you and your student could certainly meet us over there.
This would be a completely optional event – just a great opportunity to help  out at Christmas time.
To further plan I need to know who is willing/available to attend, and if they would need transportation on this late notice. Please let me know by email (acudney@altonschools.org) ASAP if your child (and you!) are available to help give these kids a fun send off!