ABOB Spring Breakfast Pastry Sale

ABOB’s popular Breakfast Pastry sale is back just in time for Easter.
Like this past fall, ordering is entirely on-line.

We are once again using Perfect Pastries: Pastry Puffins, PuffCrust Pizza, Butter Hearts, Kansas Maid Braids, Fannie May Chocolates, cookie dough, and coffee.

Set up the on-line fundraiser dashboard for your band or orchestra student at: https://my.perfectpastries.biz/signup/RAZS

Share their personalized link with local family and friends so they can place orders that will be delivered by you/your child.
Out of town family and friends can also order and have their items shipped to them.

Perfect Pastries Fundraising has the following reward program:
Sell 30 items = $15
Sell 50 items = $30
Sell 75 items = $50
Sell 100 items = $75
Sell 125 items = $100
Sell 150 items = $125

ABOB’s Spring Breakfast Pastry Sale ends Monday, March 15.
Pick up will be Tuesday, March 30 in the Alton H.S. Music Suite.
Pick up times will start at 1:00.
AHS students will be able to get their items right after school.

All funds raised by ABOB support our elementary, middle, and high school students in the band and orchestra program, including all members of the Marching 100 and color guard. Thanks to ABOB, the Alton School District continues to provide a quality instrumental music program accessible to ALL students.

ABOB needs your support, but if you prefer not to sell, donations are accepted through the “Donate” button at the top right of this page. All donations are tax deductible as allowed by law.

Contact Laura Plummer with any questions: lplummer@altonschools.org or 474-6967.

Thank you for continuing to encourage your kids and their musical talent, and for your support of our district band and orchestra program!