Minutes of Meeting – June 22, 2015

Alton Band and Orchestra Builders
Minutes of Meeting June 22, 2015


Amy Hillery – President

Vickie Schilling – Vice President

Ed Gray – Financial Secretary

Cindy Kirbach – Treasurer

Mike Haynes – Communication

Rose Lammers – Craft Fair C

ortney Frosch – Ways & Means

Kathy DeWitt – Craft Fair

Tom Pullen – ABOB.net


Laura Plummer Alyssa Cudney Michaela Davis

GUESTS: Jamie Pullen, David DeWitt, Toni Bailey, Tony King, Bonnie Finger

President Hillery called the meeting to order at 7:06 pm. In Secretary, Penny Boedeker’s absence, Cindy Kirbach agreed to take minutes of this meeting. It was also noted that Michaela Davis needs to be added to future email distributions. Minutes of the May meeting were approved as presented on a motion by Laura Plummer, seconded by Rose Lammers. Cindy presented the treasurer’s report. Ed Gray added that the $2000 AHS donation was soda fund money, due during the last fiscal year. We could possibly see an additional donation this fiscal year, but soda revenue is down from past years. Financial report was approved on a motion by Vickie Schilling, seconded by Mike Haynes.


High School Orchestra – Laura – former orchestra student, Marcia Schroeder, is getting married on July 11th, and Chambers will be playing at this wedding. Laura also wanted to FYI the board that the district music budget has been cut, again this year, by $1,200. This budget has seen a 38% cut since Laura began in the department. So thankful that ABOB continues to pick up these losses.

High School Band – Alyssa – introduced Michaela Davis as a new staff member, teaching Middle School Music Tech and will be the Assistant Band Director at the High School. Had positive feedback from 1-2 camp, held in June. All freshman were present, and many parents participated in the parent meeting, also. Band continues Tuesday rehearsals, preparing for Redbud and VP parades (June 28 and July 4th). Colorguard practices on Tuesday and Thursday evenings, while percussion rehearses on Tuesday and Friday. We have been asked to participate in the VP Grand Finale festivities on July 4th. Dave and Paula Fritz report that they have water and snacks for both parades, though additional donations are still being accepted for future use. Received the marching show music today, and once parades are over, will begin working on the new show. Scaffolding will be needed as prop for this year’s show. Checking with the district to see if there is some in storage that could be used. The show t-shirt was also revealed.

Middle School – Alyssa & Amy – Summer Jazz Band is up and working, with Wednesday practices, under the direction of Tim Jarden. It was noted that Mr. Jarden is not compensated for this, but works with these students because of his love for the program. Amy asked if we could put the middle school students into matching t-shirts. It was decided that we should come up with a design, get a price, and run this suggestions by the directors (Jarden and King).


Communications – Mike – No requests lately. We need to get a letter to the AdVantage asking for used instruments for our program. Amy will pursue this.

Website – Tom – had to rebuild the donation portion of the website, but is complete and working. Ed asked if something could be added to the website seeking ABOB to be included in wills, or as beneficiaries – as an income producer for the program. Tom will investigate other sites to see how to best implement this request.

Uniform Fundraising – Mike – need to meet to brainstorm ideas. Open to any and all who are interested in participating. Next meeting of this group was set for Monday, June 29th, 6:30pm at Bowl Haven. Mike will get the word out via email.

Ways & Means – Cortney – quiet time at present. Will continue to encourage parents and other family/friends of ABOB to use Amazon and escript. Amazon is offering $10 to ABOB for each Amazon Prime sign up. Mike will work on publicity to email this. Trivia Night – still need someone to coordinate this fundraiser – i.e. table reservations, sponsors, silent auction baskets, games, etc. Questions are covered. Tom suggested that the Marching 100 PA be used to help with hearing at the event.

Craft Fair – 96 contracts have been received, many of them new additions, representing 135 booths. Rose has messaged/talked with all former vendors who have not submitted their 2015 contracts. All committee chairs have been filled.


We have discussed in the past holding some sort of Alumni Night in conjunction with Homecoming. Tom has spoken with Tim Brueggeman (Spirits Lounge) downtown. He has agreed to give us a room on either 2nd or 3rd floor, at no charge, for an Alumni gathering. This would follow the homecoming football game on Friday, September 25th.


Alyssa Cudney has been approached by Kristie Foster, photographer, offering a donation to ABOB for each photo session she schedules for upcoming Senior pictures. It was decided that we should have a table at registration with all of our info available. These cards can be included on this table. There was more thoughts presented on ABOB doing our own individual Marching 100 uniform photos – by Cortney Frosch and one or two other parents.

Next meeting is scheduled for July 27th – first day of Band Camp.

Meeting adjourned at 8:19 pm.

Respectfully submitted,
Cindy Kirbach, Treasurer