Meeting Minutes – June 27, 2016

Alton Band and Orchestra Builders
Meeting Minutes
June 27, 2016
Amy Hillery – President
Vicky Schilling – Vice President
Mike Haynes – Communications
Cortney Frosch – Ways and Means
Rose Lammers – Craft Fair
Kathy DeWitt – Craft Fair
Ed Gray – Financial
Tom Pullen –
Laura Plummer
GUESTS:Jamie Pullen, Macie Henkhaus, Jill Mitchell, Marty and Cindy Witherbee
President Hillery called the meeting to order at 7:01 pm. Minutes of the May meeting were
reviewed. Seeing no additions or corrections, Rose Lammers made the motion to accept, and
Tom Pullen seconded, motion carried. In the absence of the Treasurer, Cindy Kirbach,Ed Gray,
the May financial reported is tabled until July meeting.
2016-2017 Fiscal Year Budget was presented by Ed Gray. Rose Lammers made the motion to
accept the budget as presented, seconded by Laura Plummer, motion carried.
Alyssa Cudney (Email report)- High School Band
Band Camp to start July 25
Laura Plummer – High School Orchestra
Cliff Davenport auditorium dedication at AMS went well, around 150 were in attendance.
Included remembrances and vocal selections
Middle School Band and Orchestra
Nothing to Report
Nothing to report.
Communications: Mike Haynes
Need to remove Michaela Davis from electronic communications and permissions Tom Pullen
Looking into ways to involve students in marching 100 Facebook page without having
them as administrators on page.
Need to ask Cudney to do some cleanup of (delete old and obsolete posts)
Volunteerspot working well for coordinating parent and student help for events. They are
changing their name to
Motion made by Tom Pullen to purchase one-year subscription to in order to
utilize all features at cost of $99/year, 2nd by Mike Haynes, all in favor, motion carried.
Uniform fundraiser
Need to finalize dates for car wash and next button days. Propose car wash 8/6/16, button days
9/9/16. Will discuss with Cudney
Dine out nights-
Firehouse subs profit $125
August is Roma’s- Ed to confirm date
July possibly Shivers?
Sept- Applebees
Ways & Means: Courtney Frosch
Profit of $100 from Amazon in last 30 days
Offered opportunity to work clean up after July 4th fireworks at amphitheater for $250.
Group agrees no thank you for this year. (Not enough notice or enough money for
manpower needed)
Craft Fair – Rose Lammers & Kathy DeWitt
Starting on placement of crafters this week, 1
19 contracts so far
Plan to order refillable mugs from Schwartzkopf
Need to order new yard signs to advertise event
Dinner Auction – Ed Gray
Nothing to report
Spring Vendor Fair – Laura Plummer
Nothing to report
Trip Fundraisers – Macie Henkhaus
Calendars- need companies to place ads
Reviewed changes to constitution proposed at May meeting,
Mike Haynes moved to vote to approve changes as proposed, T. Pullen second, all in favor,
motion carried.
Old marching 100 raincoats selling for $5 each- have sold 50
Invited to have booth again this year at Main St music Fest to promote ABOB but it is
the weekend between two weeks of band camp, respectfully declined for this year
Need to wash bibs from old uniforms so that we can sell them
Alton Foundation approved grant to ABOB of $2000
Next Meeting Scheduled for July 25, 2016.
Meeting adjourned at 7:56 pm.
Respectfully Submitted,
Cortney Frosch