Meeting Minutes – July 25, 2016

Alton Band and Orchestra Builders
Meeting Minutes
July 25, 2016
Amy Hillery – President
Vicky Schilling – Vice President
Cindy Kirbach – Treasurer
Penny Boedeker – Secretary
Paula Fritz – Hospitality
Mike Haynes – Communications
Cortney Frosch – Ways and Means
Ed Gray – Financial
Tom Pullen –
Laura Plummer
Alyssa Cudney
Jamie Pullen, Macie Henkhaus, Dave Fritz
President Hillery called the meeting to order at 7:04 pm. Minutes of the June meeting were
tabled for review at next meeting. Treasurer, Cindy Kirbach, presented the financial report.
Cortney Frosch made the motion to accept the report as presented, seconded by Mike Haynes,
motion carried.
2016-2017 Fiscal Year Budget was presented by Ed Gray. Rose Lammers made the motion to
accept the budget as presented, seconded by Laura Plummer, motion carried.
Alyssa Cudney (Email report)- High School Band
First day of band camp was fantastic. Have 155 members this year. Kids have great work ethic
and good attitude.
Still need parent help and fruit.
Parent performance will be last day at 6:30pm at West. Shivers fundraiser after performance
Laura Plummer – High School Orchestra
Nothing to report
Middle School Band and Orchestra
Nothing to Report
Nothing to report.
Communications: Mike Haynes
Send communication regarding Amazon Prime Day.
Upcoming events to be communicated:
Papa Johns Pizza this coming weekend
Shivers the following Thursday
Will create flyer for both events to be passed out at Parent performance. Tom Pullen
Need to update calendars.
Alumni Night
Will take place night of Homecoming, September 30. Room is reserved. Will add Chorus
Alumni this year.
Ways & Means: Courtney Frosch
Dine out nights-
Papa Johns – July 29-31
Shivers – August 4
Romas Pizza – August 10
Applebees – September
Button Days – September 9 & 10
Car wash – August 20 if able to find chair for even
Amazon profiting about $100 per month.
Cheese & Sausage will start August 23. Will look into doing Redbird Music tumblers
Craft Fair – Rose Lammers & Kathy DeWitt
Nothing to report
Dinner Auction – Ed Gray
Nothing to report
Spring Vendor Fair – Laura Plummer
Nothing to report
Trivia Night – Laura Plummer
Scheduled for October 21 at Atrium.
Trip Fundraisers – Macie Henkhaus
Calendars are in process and will be complete this week. Will start with 750 calendars at a cost
of $3700. $10 profit per calendar sold.
TJs Pizza – September 1-20
Trash Bags – October
Fruit – End of November
Looking into Disco Bingo
Pancake Dinner – Wednesday in fall with Chris Cakes
OLD BUSINESS: has new pricing. Need to look further into the cost and benefit before purchasing
No new business
Next Meeting Scheduled for August 22, 2016.
Meeting adjourned at 8:02 pm.
Respectfully Submitted,
Penny Boedeker