Minutes of the Meeting – September 22, 2014

Minutes of the Meeting
September 22, 2014

Amy Hillery – President
Vickie Schilling – Vice President
Ed Gray – Financial Secretary
Greg Cash – Secretary
Mike Haynes – Communication
Dave Fritz – Hospitality
Cortney Frosch – Ways & Means

Laura Plummer, Alyssa Cudney

Tom Pullen, Penny Boedeker, Brian Belk

President Hillery called the meeting to order at 7:04pm. Minutes of the August meeting were reviewed. A correction for the spelling of Sally Pierce’s last name was noted by the secretary. Dave Fritz moved that the minutes be accepted with the correction, second by Mike Haynes, motion carried. Cindy Kirbach was unable to attend the meeting so the treasurer’s report was distributed but filed for later review upon a motion made by Ed Gray, second by Dave Fritz, motion carried.

Laura Plummer said the orchestra program is going well. Chamber will be performing at a wedding in October. Alyssa Cudney reported that band is in full swing. Competitions for the M100 to date have included Mozingo where they received Best Cymbal Line; Belleville East Marching Invitational where they received the Spirit Award and Leroy Kirsch Crowd Pleaser Award; Edwardsville Tiger Ambush where they took home 2nd in Visual and Performance overall and 3rd in their class. Homecoming is this coming Friday. October competitions include trips to Washington, MO, University of Illinois and Francis Howell. The band will also be performing at the ABOB general meeting on Oct. 21. From Sally Pierce, Middle School Orchestra – they have a large number of elementary students enrolled, an estimate of 230 students, thus they are in need of instruments. Ed Gray suggested we ask the Telegraph to run an article about the need. Amy Hillery offered to contact the newspaper and Mike Haynes will also send an email to our parents. Schumann and Jazzios have both begun rehearsals. From the Middle School Band – they are preparing for the Halloween Parade where they will perform Ghost Busters. Alyssa Cudney noted that she is conducting marching clinics for them so they will be better prepared for high school.


  • Communications – Mike Haynes reported that he has sent out emails promoting recent events and that he is still willing to put together a newsletter if individuals will send him information.
  • ABOB.net – Tom Pullen reviewed recent hits, most likely due to the roll out of the Uniform the Band video. He will also program the website to post new information directly onto the appropriate Facebook pages directly.
  • Ways & Means – Cortney Frosch. Laura reviewed a report of several years of fall fundraisers. It was noted that sales are down some again, thus affecting our net profit. Cortney revisited the option of allowing parents to do a “buyout” instead of selling. After some discussion of wording it was decided to try it with the upcoming Butter Braids sales which kick off Sept. 30. She also noted that Amazon sales are picking up, $51 in profits to date, noting that it is set up for direct deposit into our account.
  • Trip Fundraisers – TJ’s pizzas and cookie dough products were delivered today. Tumbler order forms also went out today, selling for $15 each, with a profit of $6 for the student. The next fundraiser will be selling Gourmet Popcorn tins in November.
  • Uniform Fundraiser – Button Days are set for Saturday, October 11 from 9am – 1pm. Due to delays from the company the delivery of the uniforms has been pushed back. Alyssa said the plan now is to debut them on Senior Night.
  • Trivia Night – Laura reported that overall the event went very well. There were a few technical problems so plans are in the works as to how they can be resolved for next year. The preliminary figures look good. She thanked everyone who helped and who played.
  • Craft Fair – no report, but we believe not all booth spots have been filled.

Laura discussed the need to more clearly communicate guidelines to those who run our fundraisers. She will put together a draft to present at our next meeting.

Next meeting will be held on Monday, October 27, 2014, 7pm.

Seeing no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 8:28pm.

Respectfully submitted,
Greg Cash, Secretary