Meeting Minutes 10-26-2015

Alton Band and Orchestra Builders

Meeting Minutes October 26, 2015


Amy Hillery – President
Vickie Schilling – Vice President Cindy Kirbach – Treasurer
Mike Haynes – Communications Courtney Frosch – Ways and Means Kathy DeWitt – Craft Fair
Rose Lammers – Craft Fair
Paula Fritz – Hospitality
Tom Pullen –
Penny Boedeker – Secretary


Laura Plummer Alyssa Cudney Michaela Davis

Jamie Pullen, Macie Henkhaus, Brian Belk, Chris Norman, Sue Mueller, David Fritz

President Hillery called the meeting to order at 7:06 pm. Minutes of the September meeting were reviewed. Seeing no additions or corrections, Mike Haynes made the motion to accept, Courtney Frosch and Rose Lammers seconded, motion carried. Treasurer, Cindy Kirbach, presented the financial report. Paula Fritz made the motion to accept the report as presented, seconded by Tom Pullen, motion carried.


Alyssa Cudney – High School Band

Season finished. 40 8th graders for 8th grade night. 8th graders very excited.

Marching 100 won crowd favorite at St. Genevieve. Bought pizza for the band with the $120 cash prize.

Auditions for concert band started today. Winter Guard starts in about 2 weeks.

Winter Percussion will not be competitive this year. Percussion will have once a week rehearsals. Give them an opportunity to become proficient on other percussion instruments.

Laura Plummer – High School Orchestra

Upcoming Events:

• Nov 19 concert in auditorium

• lovejoy music festival nov 5 at 7pm.

• 10 students going to IMEA on Nov 7 at SIUC.

Middle School Band and orchestra – Reported by Amy Hillary

6 kids going to IMEA.

Rehearsals under way.

Tabling middle school band shirts and will have it ready to go for next July.

Tom Pullen presented idea to have Sophomores and Juniors go to middle school and march with band.


Hospitality: Paula Fritz

Served last meal. Passed baton to Ralph and Carol Wheaton for next year.

Communications: Mike Haynes

Email regarding general meeting.

Announcement for Olga’s night October 28. Tom Pullen

Next phase of website. Strategy of what web pages serve what purpose and drive traffic to donation page over holidays.

Courtney presented idea to have magnets made to pass out at concerts etc that say “Shop Amazon support ABOB”.

50/50 at concerts. Tom Pullen made motion to have 50/50 at concerts and Paula Fritz seconded, motion carried.

Ways & Means: Courtney Frosch

Butter Braids pickup October 27.

Calendar order forms went out today and will have calendars on hand at concerts and craft fair to sell.

Working on ornaments to sell this year. Courtney will have a couple for us to see and decide on design.

Button Days – Jamie Pullen reported easy fundraiser. Suggestions for students to bring instruments to locations. Next button days Spring or first part of June.

Restaurant fundraisers – October 28 – Olga’s, November 18 – Chinese Buffet

Trivia Night – $5638 profit based on preliminary numbers. Great parent help.

Craft Fair – Rose Lammers and Kathy DeWitt

Still getting applications and 2-3 calls a day about participating. Confirmations going out next week. 132 crafters and almost 200 both. A little over 30 spaces left to fill.

Proposing ABOB mug for crafters have free refills on coffee and tea. Vendor Fair – Contract ready.
Artist and Actors of the Riverbend

$2000 to start, royalties, rental for first performance, rehearsal track, refundable deposit. Then can seek other money, program ads, guarantee of getting money back.

Anything Goes would be production this year.

Rose made motion to vote tonight, Tom seconded, motion carried. Vote was split. President Hillery made deciding vote to continue with paper vote.

Paper Vote result – Decision to not partner with AAR this coming year by one vote.


Next Meeting Scheduled for November 23, 2015. Meeting adjourned at 8:52 pm.
Respectfully Submitted,
Penny Boedeker