ABOB Fall Breakfast Pastry Fundraiser

ABOB kicked off their annual Fall Breakfast Pastry sale today, October 14.

We are selling the Perfect Pastries fundraiser which has the Pastry Puffins, PuffCrust Pizza, Butter Hearts, and Kansas Maid Braids. This year they have also added Fannie May Chocolates and Pastries Choice Coffee.  All orders are placed and paid online.  Students will deliver orders to their local customers.    

To begin selling, have your child set up their on-line fundraiser dashboard at:  https://my.perfectpastries.biz/signup/KHKU

Share the personalized link to local family and friends so they can place orders that you/your child will deliver to them.  

If you have multiple children in band and/or orchestra, the website will only allow one student per email address. You can each use separate email addresses.

Students are responsible for delivering items to their local customers.  Please note that all pastry items must be kept frozen. 

Delivery will be Tuesday, November 10 in the Alton H.S. Music Suite.  There will be sign-up times to pick up your orders from 2:00 – 7:00 p.m.

Family and friends out of town can also order from the “Simply Shipped Collection” found at the bottom of the shopping page:  Fannie May Chocolates, Pastries Choice Coffee, and La-Tee-Da Mason Jar Candles.  These are purchased online and shipped to anywhere in the continental U.S.

The Fall Breakfast Pastry sale ends Tuesday, October 27.  

Perfect Pastries Fundraising has the following incentive program:
Sell 30 items – $15
Sell 50 items – $30
Sell 75 items – $50
Sell 100 items – $75
Sell 150 items – $100

ABOB has had to cancel our annual Trivia Night and the 32nd annual Olde Alton Craft Fair.  Our spring events are up in the air so we are hoping to generate some income from this fundraiser. 

Contact Laura Gibbs, ABOB Ways & Means, with any questions: lulu11852003@yahoo.com.

THANK YOU for keeping the music playing stronger than ever in the Alton School District!