Executive Board Meeting Agenda – 11/21/16

November 21,2016 7:00 p.m. Open/Additions to Agenda/Introductions Meeting Minutes Treasurer’s Report Teachers Reports HS Orchestra HS Band Middle School Report Committee Reports: Hospitality Communications Technology Uniform Fundraisers Alumni Night Button Day Ways and Means Trivia Night Trip Fundraisers Craft Fair Dinner Auction Spring Vendor Fair Old Business New Business Next Meeting – December 19, 2016 […]

Meeting Minutes – October 24, 2016

Alton Band and Orchestra Builders Meeting Minutes October 24, 2016 MEMBERS IN ATTENDANCE: Amy Hillery – President Vicky Schilling – Vice President Penny Boedeker – Secretary Paula Fritz – Hospitality Mike Haynes – Communications Ed Gray – Financial Rose Lammers – Craft Fair Kathy DeWitt – Craft Fair Tom Pullen – ABOB.net TEACHERS IN ATTENDANCE: […]